New Arrival

New Arrival

Caz loves his pasture.  Look at that smile! 2 days old.

Caz loves his pasture. Look at that smile! 2 days old.

We are pleased to announce the first birth on Rita Dee Farms. This boy came in at 15.8 lbs. on a rainy, cold, Palm Sunday. He surprised us, waiting until I took my eye off the pasture to make his appearance. He loves to run and we should have called him crazy legs, but we are calling him Cazador, which means hunter in English.
The first lesson I learned was, don’t try to borrow things you might need for a new arrival from the house. You need to store it ahead of time in the barn. Both the hair dryer and the digital thermometer were not on hand. Luckily, Spencer was there to make all the necessary trips across the field. Also some friends of ours brought a heater. I had planned to spend the night in the barn, but sometime after midnight, I backed out because the cold. Since we did not witness the birth, I wasn’t sure how long he had been on the ground, but we could not have missed the it by long. He has gained a pound in 4 days and seems healthy and happy.

This is my favorite picture of his first day on the pasture. Look at that smile!

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