Help support our friend!

Help support our friend!



Many of you have heard or read  about the murder of Mighty, a guard llama, and she guarded her herd literally with her life on the farm owned by Tammy Limer. If  you want the details, you can read the story of her gruesome death here – .

In honor of Mighty’s memory, Tammy is raising money for the Southeast Llama Rescue (SELR), a non-profit organization that acts in situations where the owners are not able to keep or maintain their llamas or where animals have been seized by authorities. SELR takes them in and ultimately finds new homes for them. Funded entirely by private donations and adoption fees, SELR assists new llama owners by providing basic care information and connecting them with local “mentors” who are able to provide assistance on a more personal level. You can learn more about SELR here: .

We here at Rita Dee Farms send our thoughts to Tammy Limer and her herd, and are asking that you consider directing any donations that you are led to offer to this very worthwhile organization in honor of Mighty.

To find out more about the Mighty memorial donations to SELR check out the website:

For more information, please feel free to contact us here at Rita Dee Farms. Thank you for helping us support our friends.

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