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Caz: Blue Ribbon Winner!

Caz got his first blue ribbon at The Royal Alpaca Challenge in Conyers, GA on November 2nd. There is nothing more humorous than watching two newbies in the show ring. I was lucking to have a wonderful ring steward (Tammy Limer) there to do the usual John Wayne move. I, on the other hand, have been described as Mary Poppins. No offense taken my dear alpaca friends, because, everything can be cured with just a spoonful of sugar, right? I thought I was well prepared for the walk in the ring, and I was. Caz did that beautifully. He was not prepared, however, for the judge to grab his testicles. That is when Caz reared up like a stallion and decided he was through with the show. Luckily, you are not downgraded for misbehavior, and the judge said very politely, “Oh, he just doesn’t know the show ring etiquette yet.” No kidding! The competition was tight with all juvenile boys in his color class being very similar, but Caz took the blue because he was really “packing on the fleece.” I can’t wait until shearing day to get a really “good feel.”


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