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Pest Eliminated With A Little Help From Our Friend The Parasitic Wasp

Pest Eliminated With A Little Help From Our Friend The Parasitic Wasp

Rita Dee Farms is trying to do our part to ensure we preserve the amazing ecosystem that has developed since we started our alpaca farm. This will be our second year in using Fly Eliminators to manage pest flies. This is done by purchasing a monthly supply of hatching parasitic wasps from April through September that feed upon and breed within developing (pupal) stages of flies, eliminating the adult pest fly. The adult female fly lays her eggs wherever there is decomposing organic matter. Within a short period of time, the microscopic larvae (maggot stage) burrow into organic matter and eventually develop into pupae (cocoon stage).

fly eliminator

Fly Eliminator


The female Fly Eliminator is a gnat-sized parasitic wasp which seeks out her host and deposits her eggs inside fly pupae. These eggs begin to grow and feed on the developing fly, thus stopping the adult pest fly from hatching. Fly Eliminators reproduce in 2 to 3 weeks, constantly reinforcing the beneficial insect population.


Unfortunately, flies reproduce at a faster rate than Fly Eliminators; therefore, they must be replenished on a regular basis. We purchase our management program from Arbico-Organics, a company that has focuses on natural solutions that will not harm the environment for over thirty years.

Click here to get more information about fly eliminators.  The site features horses, but these eliminators work on all livestock.

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