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Alpaca Throw Blanket


A sumptuous blend of Peruvian Altiplano alpaca and wool, our lap throws provide a lightweight warmth.

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Quite simply:  You will love these throws.  The interior “mesh”(warp for you weavers out there) is made of wool to increase the drape and heft, but the part of the blanket that you actually see and the part that actually touches you is 100% alpaca (again, the”weft” for you weavers).  The alpaca fleece is one of the highest grades of  alpaca available. These throws have incredible coziness; with a warm, lush feel. The classic pattern is carefully finished with fringe edges to beautiful effect.

  • Exceptionally soft and warm
  • Dimensions 4 x 5 feet
  • Spun, woven and finished by skilled artisans
  • Edges finished with fringe
  • Dry clean only

While we at Rita Dee Farms specialize in local, and US, made products we can’t resist occasionally bringing in products from South America we can’t seem to have made from our fiber here in the states.  These throws are just such a product.  They are made in Peru and meet our standards of beauty and quality.   They are sourced from our fair trade committed supplier who works directly with villages and weaving co-ops in, and around, the high Andes of South America. 

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 24 × 30 × 6 in